How to make a sample UX review on your own

  1. Improve your product’s performance;
  2. Understand its value;
  3. Spot any UX and usability issues before spending money on new product development;
  4. Fix problems with a current product;
  5. Gather advice for the future.
  6. Identify the value for users who are using, or will use the product.

So, the steps:

  1. Market research
  1. Main approach;
  2. Overview of usability problems;
  3. Summary of experience issues;
  4. Overview of Google Analytics findings;
  5. User journeys;
  6. Personas;
  7. Detailed page-by-page review.
  1. The main ones that contradict the known principles of design;
  2. Potential problems that should be reviewed with users;
  3. Differences in style — things that you would do differently if it were up to you.

Thank you ☺



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